olala ! French courses in Chamonix

Olala !

French courses in Chamonix

Schedule in process, based on  wishes . 

In addition to general French

 we now offer  classes of French for specific purposes

*World/ international relations/ diplomacy

*Mountains  (tourism / work and sports)

* French for low

and worshops focused on 

*Grammar  because grammar is glamour.. and power)

* Phonetic


School returns from 17th September 2018

Different options and duration of registration. 

Price depends on the pass  : from 11€ 

Morning or afternoon.

new adress 




à bientôt !

L'esprit de groupe / group spirit
Relaxed and friendly atmosphere and engaging topics ensure the best learning experience possible. Differentiated instruction.

Maximum 6 per class (runned even with 2) so that each student has time to speak and participate with individual feedback. 

No classrooms, a living room environment where we have together tea, coffre or ...  red wine depending on the time!


Speaking and oral comprehension are a priority, but we work the four skills in a non-linear approach which keeps your attention and curiosity.  

 Grammar is always studied in context

 (except in the workshop grammar reinforcement).


 Lots of homework can be given- and corrected - if you want to maximize your involvment. Nothing compulsory of course... you're adults! 


We work with authentic documents (video-audio-articles-reports etc) on topics of interest for each participant. This way more progress can be made by all, each student taking advantage of the others experience and interests. 

Olala is known for its flexibility and the attention paid to everyone ...

we are happy of that but ... your envolvemnet is the first key to success.

NOTHING IS MAGIC, even in Chamonix !




Deposit group courses Winter 2021

Deposit group courses Winter 2021 40.0 EUR