olala ! French courses in Chamonix

Olala !

French courses in Chamonix


Small groups for children  (schoolchildren, all levels)

 French language

Rue Vallot

 5 children max. 


once a week  during  all school year  from 17th September: 700  â‚¬

( for chidren of Olala's adults students : 650 €)

 Your child is received from 16h30 and can arrive till 16h50

 End of the class 18h



come and meet us (Sophie and Françoise)


 FRIDAY 7th SEPTEMBER : 9:00-11:00am

747 route des Gaillands

(at the end of the driveway. At the right outside the  building- veranda)


SATURDAY 8th SEPTEMBER : 10:30 am -12:30pm

 La pointe Isabelle (bar/bistrot)

new adress 




à bientôt !

Your children are educated in France ?

It is necessary that your children feel good with the written French language

in the French educational system.

Their needs are bigger than those of the native French speakers.

Usually the oral communication is

not a problem for them, but their reading and writing skills must be very good so that they can reach their potential in all subjects, including maths, geography, history, sciences etc.

Olala ! helps the non-French pupils to develop their skills in reading and writing in French,

 in a playful way obviously!

 group classes  or One2one

 email for information