olala ! French courses in Chamonix

Olala !

French courses in Chamonix

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à bientôt !

Describe your level according the EUROPEAN FRAME FOR LANGUAGES

C2ProficientYou're pretty much fluent,  extremely comfortable, you have complete control over the language.
C1AdvancedComfortable in most situations, strong vocabulary, few errors.
B2Upper-intermediateYou're comfortable in most situations, still some good mistakes.
B1IntermediateNow you can converse in many situations, with less serious errors.
A2Pre-intermediateLimited vocabulary, but with some help you can participate in basic conversations. you still make a lot of big mistakes.
A1ElementaryYou can ask a few basic questions and express basics needs/ ideas, but with a lot of mistakes.
A0-A1Beginner/False beginnerYou can only use a few words to describe things.