olala ! French courses in Chamonix

Olala ! French courses in Chamonix



 16th SEPTEMBER 2019- 30th APRIL 2020


 Because Chamonix  is  "very special",  "very special" is the  Olala ! 

( reflections and news )

For more efficiency and flexibility,the group classes will be run 

 a combination of :


In person with a group

the joy to meet other people in a group, to learn and exchange together, practice conversation;

Online tutoring

 individualised teaching at your own rythme and schedule;

according to your own needs.

Small events

 movies, meetings, presentation and/or outings !


Maximum 5 in a group so that each student has time to speak and participate with individual feedback. 

No classrooms, a living room environment where we have together tea, coffre or red wine depending on the time Relaxed and friendly atmosphere and engaging topics ensure the best learning experience possible.

Speaking and oral comprehension are a priority, but we work the four skills in a non-linear approach which keeps your attention and curiosity. Grammar is always studied in context. (except for your individual  grammar reinforcement if necessary).

We work with authentic documents (video-audio) on topics of interest for each participant. This way more progress can be made by all, each student taking advantage of the others experience and interests. 

Olala is known for its results, its flexibility and the attention paid to everyone. We are happy of that but your envolvement is the first key to success.

Nothing is magic, even in Chamonix !


focused !


All season 

13th JAN - 30 APRIL  

10 weeks - 40H 


    2 regular timeslots per week ,

 ( express your wishes in the pre-registration form here


  +  Distance tutoring

   3  individuals written exchanges sessions (email)

( explanations, exercices, corrections minimum 3 hours of work  

2 hours on Skype on your convenience


(+ petites soirées Â»)

movies, meetings, outings etc..


Prices  700 €


special prices

 * DUOcouple or  2 persons in a same registration even in different groups : 1250 €

*  OLALA !  former students  2017-18 & 2018-19 & Autumn 2019 (and Au pair): 650 €


Olala ! students from 2018-2019 and/or Autumn 2019  and 

new students who have a DELF B1 minimum 

can register for once a week only (same individualised program)

price : 370 €



Group" in person"  will be held during the weeks below

 The other weeks of the period will be time for your individual work 

(home and online). We will decide together your skype session time.


13-17 / 20 -24 JAN

   3-7 / 10-14 / 24-28 FEB

16-20 MAR / 30 MAR-3 APRIL

14-17 / 20- 24 / 27- 30 APRIL 


 keep your space with a deposit ( 40€)



Select your payment

C’est le pied ! expression idiomatique

Meaningit’s great, terrific
Literallyit’s the foot
Pronunciation [say leu pyay]
IPA [se lÉ™ pjÉ›]