olala ! French courses in Chamonix

Olala ! French courses in Chamonix

Online only or Blended Courses


You want/need/dream to learn French or restart your studies ; or improve your level…


You are too busy 

You are shy

You are always travelling

You think that you are « bad with languages Â»

You  regret... it’s too late, you think that you are too old !

or you remember from school…French it’s too difficult, grammar is so boring…


 Stop trying to find excuse and just (re)start !

At your own rythm, when you want, in the way  that is the more comfortable for you.


ONLINE ONLY (we just use skype and emails)  or BLENDED LERNING  (we also meet sometimes) 


 How it works ?(we collaborate closely)

We meet on Skype  

( 15 minutes meeting so that I have a  more precise idea of your level, needs and  "profile" of Learning) 






If you are happy …  here are  the 4 steps of a round


1-   You receive by email a specific material for your learning adapted to you needs and wishes

 Grammar explanation, vocab, phonetics training, videos, audio,  articles…

Instruction for a writing production.

2- You read, train, write in brief you work ! (a bit, enough or... a lot !) at your rythm, when you want.

You send to me your work


3-  I send back the corrections  with explanations and other exercices for you to practice,

I give new instructions to prepare a conversation on a topic of interest for you (which means some researchs etc.)


4- We have a skype meeting (1h), during which :

I answer your questions and check your last learning

You do your oral presentation (or any oral production)

We have an exchange/conversation based on your topic

( You follow the notes on the screen and receive them )


Each round represents about 4 hours of tutored work for you.



 How much it is ?

 the cheapest way to make progress for involved students ! 

Spread payment possible


Online only 

5 "rounds"/ (Valid  12 weeks after your first payment) :  480 € 

10 "rounds"/ (Valid 25 weeks after your first payment) :  900 € 

 20 "rounds" (valid 30 weeks after your  first payment) : 1650 €



 You stay regularly in Chamonix ; you will come on Holidays …

you want to optimize  your  « classroom» lessons :

a blended learning is perfect for you.


Online and One2one


5 rounds online program + 5h face2face in Cham : 500€

(valid 5 months): 

  12 "rounds"  Online program +  10h face2face  =  1200€

(valid One Year)